Saturday, November 13, 2010


Dharma Road, my book about modern Zen practice (and cabdriving) is available now. It's a beginners' guide to Zen philosophy and practice as they play out in the everyday life of an Austin cabdriver. It's Zen with an attitude and a sense of humor. Because in this world, you're going to need both.

Dharma Road is available wherever fine books are sold. To order your copy from Amazon, click here.

I want to thank everyone at Hampton Roads Publishing, especially my editor, Jordan Overby, Susie Pitzen, Greg Brandenburgh, Lisa Trudeau, and Bonni Hamilton for all their help with this project.

And a big thank you to Kristin Ramsey for all her help on this project.

Remember, with the holidays coming, nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a book about Buddhism. Buy dozens!


  1. I have just finished reading your amazing book, and loved every page. I just did not want it to end. I do hope you will write more about "Zen Your Way". You are a delight to read. Thank you so much.
    Sylvia, Canada.

  2. I too just finished your book. What a pleasure to read about the practice from an ordinary student in a typical job. You got me back on the cushion.

    Alysa, Colorado

  3. Yes, very good book. A woman at the Zen Center I attend loaned it to me, thought I would enjoy it. She was right. Thanks for all that went into it.

  4. Hi Brian,

    I would love to ask you to be on my online radio show, Scorpion Equinox for a 30 min interview. If you are interested to know more, would you please email me at I'd love to hear from you!

    Many blessings!


  5. Well, you are welcome -- since you took the time to thank me on page 122, I'll make a point of saying you are welcome AND thanking YOU for writing Dharma Road. Here's why "You could say I have some issues, and it's hard to let them go. I know I should, and I try, but it's hard to do. We all have baggage..." and "...dualism is only a delusion..." I am going back to page 1 and read it again and then I'll start on the "Airport Reading". So thanks Brian, I'm glad I met ya.

  6. Just read and reviewed your book. I loved it and hope many more out there have the opportunity to read it and enjoy it.

  7. I picked up your book from a shelf in the Abraxas Bookshop

    in Byron Bay,New South Wales,Australia in March this year.I thoroughly enjoyed it,as my father was a cab driver for the majority of his life in Brisbane,Australia and the parallels of his tales and yours are very similar.
    Having said that,I'd like to tell anyone reading this comment that you don't have to know about cab driving or Buddhism to enjoy reading this book.
    Your might also enjoying an old music clip by Paul Kelly
    (an Australian singer who has played in Austin)
    who's book "How to Make Gravy" I just finished reading also.
    He drives a cab around Sydney picking up passengers to the his song "Before Too Long"

    If you liked that one,you might like this one too.It's called "Dumb Things".

    BTW,wouldn't you like to see the meter reading on a trip from Byron Bay to Austin ?


  8. I just finished reading your book and enjoyed every page. I read it on a whim with no real knowledge of Buddhism. I must say that I am excited to learn more and hope to read more of your work in the future!

  9. Greetings, "Dharma Road" fans. I'm happy to announce that the audio version of Brian's lovely book, narrated by yours truly, is now available from I had a swell time narrating this one and especially enjoyed Brian's storytelling sense and his deft integration of Buddhist wisdom with the funk of everyday life. You can hear a sample at

    Dean Sluyter